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We pride ourselves on our aggressive, yet compassionate representation of our clients. With us, you will never be treated as just another number, but as if you were a member of our own family. We only represent disability clients, which allows us to focus our talents and expertise where we are needed most.

Our firm has earned an excellent reputation for providing quality legal representation that is both aggressive in legal strategy and compassionate toward our clients' concerns.

We represent clients with all types of disabilities, both psychological and physical. Additionally, we have had major success in representing clients with chronic pain and fatigue syndromes. These types of disability cases are generally more difficult to win because the diagnoses are often viewed with skepticism or are poorly understood by medical and legal professionals. For this reason, it is important to choose a disability attorney that concentrates specifically in disability law and has a solid record of success.

Regardless of the status of your claim in the disability process, please contact us for a free telephone consultation. Our philosophy is, it is better to have a disability lawyer involved as soon as possible, and not wait until you have received a denial.

Whether or not you select us to represent you, we hope you'll find our website to be a valuable resource as you pursue your disability claim. Remember, winning any disability case requires persistence and determination; it is critical you do not quit and keep fighting for the benefits you deserve!

Scott E. Davis, P.C. is currently accepting new clients from the State of Arizona.

Failing to comply with your doctor’s treatment can affect your case


Social Security’s decision to award you benefits depends a lot on the credibility of your statements. In other words, Social Security needs to believe that you truly are disabled. They need to believe that you experience the symptoms you claim to experience, in example, pain, weakness, or memory loss. They also need to believe that your symptoms make it impossible to carry out daily tasks entailed in basic work situations, as in, walking, sitting, lifting, or communicating.

The most important thing to know about disability claims


When someone receives a denial letter or letter informing them their disability benefits are going to be terminated, there is one important step that should follow immediately – checking your deadline to appeal the determination.

411 on appeals


Appeals are offered to claimants at all levels of decisions - except if your current claim is denied at federal court the option at the point for claimants is to start a new claim. Generally, you have sixty days after you receive the notice of decision to ask for any type of appeal.



We talk a lot here about the critical importance of getting medical care to support your disability claim. What is sometimes not understood, however, is that we still need you to tell us about where you have been. Nearly all medical treatment you receive is likely to have some sort of impact on your claim, but if we are not aware of it, the Social Security office probably will not know about it either. Just as an example, we once had a client who had a double hip replacement but did not tell us until six months later. Why?

Getting affidavits notarized


Why is it important for my family or friends who write an affidavit on my behalf to have their affidavit notarized?  This is a question I have heard quite a few times from clients. An affidavit by definition is “a written declaration upon oath made before an authorized official”.  Without the notary public’s signature as a witness the affidavit is simply a statement. The notarized document becomes, in a sense, the testimony of your loved ones who know you and your disability or disabilities and how these impairments have affected your daily life.


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